Learn about growing techniques

Learn about the basics that will allow you to start your garden with good foundation knowledge. Gardening is not difficult but, like everything, needs to be started right if you wish to go further.

When you grow your own crops, you need to be able to preserve, dry, store them.




Learn how to mix herbs and flowers for a healthy garden








Start your garden from scratch



See the season unfold in our garden


What is covered during the day

  • Kitchen garden design.
  • how to organize it and optimize the space.
  • Crop rotation.
  • Start a bed from grass (different techniques explained).
  • create a shelter.
  • How to follow a plan (time frame, first things to do, etc.)
  • Compost, soil.
  • fruit trees, shrubs and other plants.
  • Mix the vegetable with the flowers.
  • And more...


I will share all my tips and growing and cooking and will respond to your question.


The cost of this course is 50 euro per person.

It is a half day course. It starts at 10h and finishes at 13h.

Small groups up to 7

You will get tea/ coffee on arrival and a tea break around 11h30.