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New approach

WE focus on creating a healthy environment for plants, which results in strong, disease resistant plant which are full of vitamins, trace elements and enzymes. Not all soils are the same and some are better than others, but all soil can be improved.
We will teach you the methods to create your own suitable compost, use readily available plants to fertilise and heal your own vegetables and eliminate any need for spraying chemicals and make your garden more sustainable.
You will find that by using our traditional approach, you will notice a far more richer taste to your vegetables which will make you want to grow more and more.

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Cost Effective

Growing your own garden produce does not need to cost the earth. Our sustainable approach will teach you how to make the best use of your ground, your seeds and use freely available plants which grow in the wild for fertilisers and compost.
We are all focused on the need to be environmentally friendly, by learning to make your own compost, you not only save money, but reduce the need for buy peat based compost.
By buying seeds you will save a lot of money rather than buying expensive plants and you will have vegetables that are truly disease and pesticide free.

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Dunmore Country School Garden

Our kitchen garden on a one acre plot, with a polytunnel and is based on the traditional French "potager", or country garden.
We produce almost all of the vegetables and herbs that we need for the year and we use flowers as part of our rotation system which is both beautiful and practical.

Won't it take a lot of time?
When people come to talk to us about starting a garden, they often say " but it will take a lot of time", or " how will I control the weeds without spraying". We have devised a simple, workable system of gardening, the secret of which is to start small and get used to the techniques and reap the rewards and only then increase the size of the plot. Our system shows you how to make the best use of a small piece of ground and sow vegetables in a way that needs minimum amount of weeding. We will even show you how to make weeding easy.

Eating your own food
The main reason for starting a garden is to enjoy your own healthy, tasty vegetables.Tanguy will be happy to share with you his tips for cooking and preparing your vegetables.We can show you how to store your produce.

About Tanguy de Toulgoët

Tanguy obtained a degree in agriculture from the Pierrefonds school of agriculture and specialised in crops and ecology. Through his extensive studies and his life experience, Tanguy has gained a wealth of rare information. He started gardening at 10 years old and was inspired by an old French master gardener who took him as a young boy and instilled in him a lifelong passion for gardening and becoming self sufficient.

At 16 years old Tanguy started his own vegetable garden. He got the opportunity to take over a period walled garden, and started to produce for a restaurant owned by his family.
Tanguy employed the traditional ideas learnt from his old tutor, many of which were once common place in every household in Ireland, but which have been all but lost to modern day living.

In Dunmore country school, you can see these traditional methods at work through Tanguy's talented hands. He is a naturally gifted teacher, extremely approachable, and makes learning to garden in the traditional way a very pleasurable experience.