horticulture courses ireland

Learn about sowing & planting

How to set out your garden for healthy crop rotation. Planting green manure and techniques to keep down the weeds.

Learn about soil

Find out how to keep your soil productive. How to make compost and natural fertilizers. Hoeing techniques to keep down the weeds and reduce watering.


From tomato seed to seedling

It is nice to save your own tomato seeds but you have to make the best with them.

Prepare a nice seed compost by mixing 1 part horticultural sand, 1 part grit, 1 part old compost (at least one year old), 1 part light top soil. You can as well buy some good seed compost ( sowing : John Innes Compost) .

Fill a tray and sow your seeds.

Water well, cover with cling film.

You need 20 degrees celsius to germinate tomatoes.

It will take five to 12 days.

Three weeks after the germination you can start to plant the small seedlings into small modules.

They need around 15 degrees celsius.

Autumn horticultural course

see the season unfold in our garden

What is covered during the day:


  • Planning the next year.
  • Start your garden from scratch.
  • Element of design with nature.
  • Compost: how to make it and use it.
  • Rotation.
  • Manage your polydome or green house.
  • Rose care.
  • Be ready for next year.
  • Any questions will be answered.

I will share all my tips and growing and cooking and will respond to your question.


The cost of this course is 50 euro per person.

It is a half day course. It starts at 10h and finishes at 13h.

Small groups up to 7

You will get tea/ coffee on arrival and a tea break around 11h30.


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